We are sustainability consultants that detoxify your living and work space.


After watching our young children struggle with allergies and asthma, we were inspired to help them…and quickly discovered that reducing exposures to everyday toxins in our living space was an integral part of the solution. We are committed to sharing our research and experiences with others in hopes of building healthier, happier homes and families.

Unknowingly everyday we make choices that have a negative effect on the health of our families and community. We are our family’s best advocates and we must make it a priority to reduce their chemical exposure. Harmful chemicals linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes permeate our air, water and food. They are inside our homes lurking in furniture, fridges, flooring and paint. We slather them all over our bodies in soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and make-up. And they silently escape from our mattresses, clothes and cleaning products.

By taking a more conscious look at our surroundings and by making simple changes, we can lead cleaner, healthier lifestyles – lifestyles that will benefit our families and the planet.


We assess, educate and implement.

In scouring over our own homes, our children’s schools and the homes of clients, we have developed a thorough process to help you implement an environmentally healthier lifestyle. PureHabitats will assess the main rooms of your home by documenting all of the areas where toxins lurk. After our initial assessment using a detailed questionnaire, we create a comprehensive list of alternatives and the steps we will take to implement them.

The initial walk through of your home should take about an hour and it is best if the client is present.


Pure Basics  $450

Our basic package will include an in-depth walk through of your home (regardless of size), a 40-minute Q & A and a labeling system which red flags products of concern.

Pure Cleanse  $750

Our Pure Cleanse package provides all of the above plus a comprehensive report and a complete list of recommendations for replacement products in every area of your home. We will focus on any areas that you are most concerned about and also point out areas that we feel are most important in creating a less-toxic home.

Pure Detox  $1200

Our Pure Detox package provides all of the above, the satisfaction that your whole home has been detoxified with us personally replacing all of your products for you, removing all of your red-flagged products and organizing all the product replacements in your home. We will also guide you and your family through any new systems we have put in place such as composting, recycling, cleaning, food storage, pet and laundry care.

Pure Seasons $3500

For established clients: Have us into your home to recharge, replace, restock and reassess on a quarterly basis. Each season brings new challenges such as holiday excess, spring cleaning, gearing up for summer and back to school. We’ve got all the recommendations and products to get you through each season toxin free. We will also update and replenish your current systems and products to keep them running smoothly or tailor them as necessary to any changes in your household.


We are also available to help you on an hourly basis or via a phone consultation, for any additional needs.


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