After watching our young children struggle with allergies and asthma, we were inspired to help them…and quickly discovered that reducing exposures to everyday toxins in our living space was an integral part of the solution. We are committed to sharing our research and experiences with others in hopes of building healthier, happier homes and families.

Unknowingly everyday we make choices that have a negative effect on the health of our families and community. We are our family’s best advocates and we must make it a priority to reduce their chemical exposure. Harmful chemicals linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes permeate our air, water and food. They are inside our homes lurking in furniture, fridges, flooring and paint. We slather them all over our bodies in soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and make-up. And they silently escape from our mattresses, clothes and cleaning products.

By taking a more conscious look at our surroundings and by making simple changes, we can lead cleaner, healthier lifestyles – lifestyles that will benefit our families and the planet.