About Us


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After an education and career in Finance, I have devoted all of my time and energies to being a wife and mother. I embarked on my passion for all things green when I became pregnant with our first child. The first area that I tackled was our cleaning products, because it never made sense to me that so many products came with extreme warnings and that they were also safe for our son to come into contact with them. I slowly started to change what we were using with products I could buy at Whole Foods – this seemed like a good starting point, but I eventually started to crave and require a more holistic lifestyle. Organic food followed shortly after and has been an ongoing implementation. I found there was a natural progression from focusing on what we were putting into our bodies and what we were surrounding ourselves with at home.

When our second son was diagnosed with asthma and allergies, I jumped into action trying to help solve this complex piece of the puzzle. This lead to copious amounts of research and a better understanding of what triggered his symptoms and how to best avoid a full-blown asthma attack. We implemented changes such as changing out his skin care, reducing the chemicals in our home, and paying close attention to his diet and saw a drastic improvement with our son’s health.

We decided to start Pure Habitats, a consulting firm dedicated to promoting healthy home living environments, to help educate others. Pure Habitats combines many of my passions for the environment, food, nutrition, and sustainability that we hope to share in our own unique way with each of our clients.